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The king of football, now on iPhone and iPad


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FIFA 14 is the latest installment in the most popular and successful football video game franchise in history. And now it comes to iOS devices stronger than ever thanks to the heft of its Ultimate Team.

Players will still be able to enjoy 11-on-11 matches with their favorite teams using a control system that's perfectly adapted to touch screens and thanks to which you'll be able to intuitively pass, strike, dribble, tackle, and more. And this is only a small part of FIFA 14.

Aside from all the regular games, you'll also have your Ultimate Team. Here, thanks to the famous FIFA cards system, you'll be able to manage your dream team by switching players, buying and selling them, etc. You'll also be able to choose play styles, build chemistry between players, put together your lineup, and even choose details such as the team's kit or badge.

As always, FIFA 14 features more than 30 real leagues, over 600 licensed teams, and over 16,000 players with real names. The Premier League, the Spanish Liga, and the Bundesliga, all in your Android device.

FIFA 14 is a very complete football game with many game modes and loads of online options for players seeking a more social experience. You can challenge your friends and try to take your club to the very top.